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Our work reflects our principles


Do Good

We work with people and organizations on topics that are relevant and make the world a better place for all of us.


Be To The Point

Our process is streamlined, our designs are clean and our communication is straightforward – your time is valuable, as is the attention of your donors and customers.


Build Trust

We strive to build long-term partnerships, create trust through all our interactions and always deliver the absolute best we can.

“MVP award hands down goes to graphics artist Shirine Pont who literally brought our vision to life in the most beautiful and compelling way. Shirine- it was such a pleasure working with you and can’t express my gratitude for your ability to visually translate what was going on in my brain in such a compelling way. Legit- we might get an issues letter from USAID on the graphics alone. Check out her brilliant work.”

//  WHITNEY NOLLAU - Program Development Manager | New Initiatives MERCY CORPS

Why Work With Us

We've Been There

Before founding Fovea, we were in the field - managing programs in developing countries and interacting with donors. We speak your language and can translate your words into compelling visuals.

Solid Process

We specialize in translating your strategy into engaging visuals, and creating designs for reports and proposals, and bring that experience and focus to the table. We have a streamlined and proven process for creating effective and impactful designs.

Attention to Details

We sweat the details. We care about those last little touches that make the difference.

Small & Nimble

As a small design studio there are no intermediate layers to go through - you work with the creative director. We understand the fluidity and intensity of the proposal development process and the pressure of creating alluring reports on time. We have the flexibility it takes.


We are creative. We work closely with you to deliver unique, custom made design solutions based on your input. Our work is only done when the designs truly represent your vision.

Let's Connect

Thanks for being in touch!

Shirine Pont

Founder &

Creative Director

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